Whether it’s a large-scale custom piece, a small walk-in tattoo, a cover-up, or something in between, Adrenaline has got you covered. Our professional studio in downtown Toronto will help you create a beautiful tattoo in a range of styles. Check out our artist portfolios to find an artist that suits your style.

Body Piercings

Get pierced by the pros. Adrenaline has the highest standards in sterilization in a safe and comfortable setting at our downtown Toronto studio. We offer professional body piercing for people from all walks of life. We also have a world-class selection of body jewelry that clients keeping coming back for to decorate their body and soul.

Our Tattoo Artists

What sets our brand apart is attitude, or should we say a lack thereof. It doesn’t matter if you walk into our Toronto parlor covered in ink, or with skin as bare as a baby’s bottom, our carefully curated group of tattooists will treat you with patience and respect – and make sure your vision is realized.

Japanese Style Tattoo Artist Toronto ON Todd Marritt
Traditional Tattoo Artist Downtown Toronto ON Trevor J
Best Black and Grey Tattoo Artist Toronto ON
Dotwork Tattoo Artist Toronto Ontario
American Traditional Tattoo Artist Toronto ON

Our Location

Adrenaline is located in the heart of downtown Toronto on Queen Street West. We offer a range of tattoo and piercing services, plus body jewelry and tattoo-inspired merchandise. Reach out to schedule a FREE consultation or simply walk-in for a friendly visit with our staff.

Book Your Piercing

Piercing services, formerly by walk-in, are now recommended by appointment. To book your piercing, simply click the link below for the location you wish to attend, and follow the prompts to secure your booking.

From the Blog

We have a LOT of experience with tattoos and piercings! We’re happy to empower current and new clients with helpful advice, while offering tips regarding ideas, concepts and styles. We even dive into pop-culture news as it relates to the tattoo and piercing lifestyle. Click below for more.