By definition, a Chicano is a US born citizen of Mexican descent but not technically a Mexican. An entire culture has been built around Chicano culture, from lowrider show ‘n’ shines to a very distinctive fashion that is copied across numerous populations. An entire Chicano subculture is even thriving in Japan. Check out this video below to explore:


As someone with a deep seeded appreciation for the culture, you want to honor it with a work of body art done in the distinguishing Chicano style of tattooing. These tattoos are generally done using illustrative techniques in black and grey tones and often blend realism with elements of surrealism. Designs often feature payasas (clowns, essentially), dice, cash, and alluring señoritas but may also incorporate religious themes and more. Given that you’re looking for a “Chicano tattoo artist near me” you want to ensure that you choose the right tattoo studio and artist to translate the concept to skin with absolute perfection. If located within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) you could not find yourself at a better shop than right here at Adrenaline. Read ahead to learn more.

Why Choose Adrenaline When Searching for a Chicano Style Tattoo Artist Near You in the Greater Toronto Area

Expertise in Chicano / Chicana Tattoos

As addressed above, Chicano (or Chicana) tattooing employs some combination of illustrative, realism, and black & grey styles. You’ll be pleased to know that you have access to all of these styles in one individual by the name of Jony Somoza, resident tattoo artist at Adrenaline in downtown Toronto. Jony is not only an expert tattooist, he studied at Visual Arts at The San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts. He is the most qualified artist in the GTA for a Chicano / Chicana tattoo. View more on Jony Somoza here.

Chicano Tattoo Artist Near You

Adrenaline is located near Eaton Centre in the downtown core of Toronto ON. Get directions from your location to our tattoo parlor and you’ll find that you can get to/from us via transit or by vehicle (even bike?) with ease.

Chicano Style Tattoo Examples to Inspire Yours

You’re doing your due diligence in selecting a Chicano style tattoo artist near you. In doing so, you want to see examples of work that not only provide confidence, but that may inspire your own piece. We have handpicked some of our favorites (completed at Adrenaline) for your reference:

Chicano Tattoo Artist Near Me Toronto ON

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