Body Jewelry

Adrenaline has always carried some of the finest body jewellery on the market. We pierce with internally threaded, biocompatible, implant-grade metals such as titanium, surgical steel, and 14k gold. And we have a variety of body jewellery in a range of materials for healed piercings, including plugs and tunnels for stretched ears, intricate gems and ends for pressure-pin jewellery, and downsize options for body parts that may need it. Check out some of our jewellery brands below.

Invictus Body Jewelry Toronto ON


Invictus is Adrenaline’s main starter and insertion jewelry brand. It’s what we pierce with, offering high quality, internally threaded body jewelry in a variety of styles. Our Toronto shop carries everything from CBR’s, BBB’s and flat backs to beads, clusters, and 14k gold pressure fit tops. Their non-exposed thread design will not damage initial or unhealed piercings. Also, titanium jewelry can be worn safely and comfortably for long periods of time because of its light weight and durability. All Invictus body jewelry is made of ASTM-F136 implant grade titanium, so customers can use it for initial piercings without the risk of rejection or allergic reactions (unless they have a rare allergy to titanium). Invictus Body Jewelry uses industry standard thread patterns, which means the jewelry is compatible with any other brand with this widely used threading.

Neometal Body Jewelry Toronto ON

Neometal Jewelry

Neometal is also one of Adrenaline Toronto’s starting and insertion jewelry options for any piercing where a flat back would be appropriate. They’re a family-owned and operated company, and have been making implant-grade titanium body jewelry since 1997. Neometal is the original creator of the “snap-together” (pressure fit) threadless system, and all of their jewelry is guaranteed for life against any potential manufacturing defects. Quality is important to them. All jewelry parts are precision machined in the USA on a Computer Numerical Control machine out of the solid, implant grade ASTM F136 titanium. NeoMetal uses high quality Austrian-made SWAROVSKITM gemstones and lab-made opals. Every gem is hand crimp-set into the jewelry setting, which means that no glues are used!