Horror Tattoo Artist Near Me Toronto ON

Do you have a dark side that you can’t express as much as you’d like when out in public? Or perhaps you root for the villain in movies featuring frightening creatures, ghosts, goblins, possessed kids, psycho clowns, and serial killers? Whatever the case may be you desire to honor your affinity with creepy things with a tattoo. Consequently you are online looking for a “horror tattoo artist near me” in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). You’ve come to the final destination in your search, as Adrenaline is the only shop to stop in for this concept. Read ahead to learn more, if you dare.

Why Choose Adrenaline When Searching for a Horror Tattoo Artist Near You in the Greater Toronto Area

Best Horror (and slightly disturbed) Tattoo Artist in Toronto

Our downtown Toronto shop’s resident tattoo artist Jony Somoza is extremely talented, professional, super-friendly…and…a little disturbed. The latter isn’t immediately obvious by any means, as he’s as cordial as they come when you meet him for your consultation and follow-up session/s. But when you take a look at this Black & Grey Realism artist’s portfolio you can’t help but note that he must have a few loose screws. How else can someone come up with incredibly horrific works of body art? Of course, that’s what draws a large number of clients into his chair at Adrenaline Toronto at Queen Street West (get directions here). While his speciality is Black & Grey Realism, a style that works best for horror tattoos, he also exceeds in adjacent styles that align with terrifying characters, movies, and related subjects. For peace of mind that this horror tattoo artist is for you, book a FREE noncommittal consultation right here and come on down to our conveniently located studio (near Eaton Centre) get inked.

Horror Themed Tattoo Examples to Inspire Yours

You may or may not have a specific design in mind. At the very least you have one or two characters/creatures that you’re considering. To help you decide upon style, placement, colors (or lack thereof), and general themes we have selected works completed at Adrenaline Toronto that may inspire your upcoming work. Enjoy the following spine-tingling pieces and reach out via the contacts provided below.

Horror Tattoo Artist Near Me Toronto ON

Ready to get inked with your favorite scary concept? Need a tattoo shop that is conveniently located in the GTA? Adrenaline Toronto is where you need to be.


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