Where to Get a Tattoo Women Toronto

Despite woke-media telling us that gender should not factor into anything, it does. On their own volition, people across Toronto perform online searches for information about products and services that cater to them based upon their identified gender. As a reputable tattoo studio who has pledged to be at the service of clients above any other agenda, we have the responsibility to answer any and all questions posed by the population. So when we confirm that hundreds of individuals Google “Where to get a tattoo women” within the Greater Toronto Area, we have no choice but to answer the call. Please read ahead for the insight you’re looking for.

2 Things to Consider When Deciding on Where to Get a Tattoo as a Woman in the Greater Toronto Area

Body Placement Considerations Unique to Women

Let’s be clear – you should get a tattoo wherever on your body that you damn well please. That being said, there are some obvious nuances that can impact the integrity of a tattoo that remains to be a consideration for the majority of the female population. Until artificially intelligent (AI) beings replace children, childbirth is a thing. And it has an impact on skin and body composition. Skin stretches and stretch-marks ensue. If you plan to have a child (or children) via pregnancy and subsequent childbirth, you may reconsider getting tattooed on parts of the body that are most susceptible to stretching until after you have had your kids. While it varies by person, the following areas are most susceptible to significant stretching:

  • Abdomen
  • Lower back
  • Breasts
  • Upper Thighs

Those who plan to give birth after getting tattooed, and want to get a tattoo on one of the parts of the body listed above, can follow these steps laid out by the American Pregnancy Association (AMA) to protect skin elasticity going into pregnancy.

Finding a Welcoming Tattoo Shop in Toronto

It’s a shame that we even need to bring this up in our supposedly advanced society, but there remains to be a few bad apples left in the industry. There a some tattoo parlors that don’t feel as welcoming and accommodating to some women as others. While this may be based on perceptions, no shop should ever allow these perceptions to persist. As someone who has performed an online search for information on where to get a tattoo as a woman, you want peace of mind that a chosen studio will make you feel welcome, no matter how many questions or concerns you have coming in to your first consultation. View the following article on why we’re Toronto’s most popular female friendly tattoo shop.

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