What is the size of a small tattoo? While this will be subjective to many, within the walls of most tattoo shops in Toronto it generally refers to designs that are between 2 to 4 inches. Anything smaller than 2-inches is consider to be a micro (or tiny) tattoo. While it certainly doesn’t give you enough canvas space for an elaborate work of body art, a small tattoo can say a lot when done right. This leads us to your initial query of where to get a small tattoo. We’ll answer this in two ways, as some are asking this question because they want to know where on the body to get it done, while others are wondering which tattoo shop is more accommodating to small jobs. Let’s review!

How to Decide on Body Placement and the Best Shop to Go to for a Small Tattoo

Picking the Right Tattoo Shop in Toronto

People who ask about where to get a small tattoo within a given city are asking for a couple of reasons.

The first concern, is with respect to lack of attention and/or appreciation they may get from staff of a tattoo parlor that is simply looking to make the most amount of money per job. Unfortunately, there are antiqued studios that treat new clients this way. For this reason, it’s important for you to do some homework on how to pick a tattoo shop in Toronto, and how to pick a tattoo artist that is right for the job, and you. In addition to the tips laid out in the links, only consider studios that accept walk-ins. Why? Many new clients who have decided to get a small tattoo do so on a whim. A studio that is happy to serve those who want to get inked when inspiration strikes are accustomed to doing small jobs, and will be very accommodating to your request.

The second concern, is with respect to artist ability. While any professional tattooist can do small tattoos, your design may be especially delicate or intricate in nature. If this is the case, you need to choose a studio with an artist that specializes in thin line style and/or dotwork, both of which will work well with your intended design.

Picking the Placement

People who ask about where to get a small tattoo with regards to body placement are concerned about how it will look if there is too much “dead space” around the design. The most popular (and proven) spots on the body for a small design include the following:

  • wrist
  • space between your ear and your hairline
  • nape of the neck
  • lower back
  • foot and ankle

The above placements are a safe bet, but please keep in mind that a small ink job can work anywhere on the body as long as you are working with a talented tattooist, which we addressed above.

When you consider the criteria for where to get a small tattoo in Toronto, there’s only one thing left to do. Book a consultation with peace of mind that Adrenaline Studios is the right place for YOU.


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