What Do Tattoo Artists Hate

What do tattoo artists hate? Who gives a damn?!” is the response we offer for the most part.

You see, the concern over how a tattooist will respond to valid questions, comments, and concerns makes many people procrastinate over their first tattoo. For decades, an innate lack of customerservice plagued the entire industry. Parlors made newcomers feel as if they were privileged by accepting them for an appointment, instead of the other way around. Clients were made to feel as if they couldn’t question design and placement choices about something that would be permanently etched on to their body by another human being. Heck, the success of the tattoo removal industry can be attributed to arrogant tattoo artists who did not take the time to listen, and to tattoo shops that did not foster an environment where clients felt that they could address concerns during consultations. While a few archaic tattoo shops can still be found in the dark recesses of the Greater Toronto Area, the old business model has thankfully changed. You certainly won’t find that primitive attitude at our downtown studio, where the client ALWAYS comes first. Our tattoo artists are as friendly, welcoming, and patient as they are talented.  

While we hope we cleared up your concern about what tattoo artists hate, we do appreciate that you want to be as prepared. In doing so you will help your tattooist deliver the best possible work of body art, for YOU. Below are some helpful tips to making that happen.

3 Things to Do to Help a Tattooist Better Serve Your Desire for a GREAT Tattoo

Prepare Your Skin in Advance

This is less in reference to “day of” preparations such as shaving the intended area, because you will learn more about this during your initial consultation, or it will be done on-site for walk-in clients. Instead, this is in reference to a longer (a week or so) lead-in. As soon as you know that you want to get a tattoo, start taking better care of your skin to make the process go smoother. For instance, it’s a challenge for a tattoo artist to ink someone who comes in with a sunburn or dark tan that is not natural to their skin, so be sure to use UV-protectant sunblock accordingly (as applicable to placement). Furthermore, adopt an enhanced skin moisturizing regime in the days/weeks leading up to your tattoo, and avoid anything that can dehydrate your skin such as excessive alcohol or caffeine consumption.

Send Over Your Concept and Design Ideas

A professional tattoo studio will use a booking system that allows clients to attach and/or link to images of designs and concepts that they like. If you know exactly what you want, that’s great. But even if you don’t, feel free to send over an array of options that give a tattoo artist a general idea of what you desire. As talented artists who have developed an understanding of the human psyche, they can put together something magical based upon the images (and color preferences, etc.) you have provided. At the very least it gives the two of you a jump-off point to discuss options during your consultation. If you’re located within or visiting Toronto, you can  start uploading images and information here.

Arrive on Time

Arriving on time for your initial consultation and tattoo appointment is for your benefit. The more time you have with your tattooist, the better they can serve you. It’s a good idea to schedule each on a day that you have few other things to do, so that other responsibilities don’t get in the way. If the nature of your job or other obligations (family, etc.) often cause you to be late for other engagements, you may instead consider doing a walk-in tattoo appointment. A walk-in gives you the freedom to come in when you please. It’s less ideal (for you) when it comes to preparation (sending over design ideas, etc.) but we’re here to accommodate what works best for you.

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