Tattoo Shops that Open Early Toronto ON

You live by the mantra that the early bird gets the worm, or in this case, a work of body art. Therefore, it makes sense that you’re looking for tattoo shops that open early for your next (maybe first) tattoo. If located in the Greater Toronto Area there are a few options to consider, but we encourage you to look at more than hours of operation when deliberating between which studios deserve your attention. Below is a breakdown of everything you need to know prior to booking your consultation.

What You Need to Consider When Looking for Tattoo Shops that Open Early in the Greater Toronto Area

Hours of Operation

While we stated above that hours of operation shouldn’t be your only qualifier, it’s of course important. The assumption here is that you need to navigate around your work schedule, and/or you have limited time in town (for visitors, etc.). When it comes to tattoo shops, “early” is generally different than it is most other services. As a leading tattoo studio in the downtown Toronto area, Adrenaline’s hours of operation lead the way for early risers:

Adrenaline Toronto Hours of Operation:

Sunday to Tuesday: 11 AM to 8 PM

Wednesday to Saturday 10 AM to 10 PM

As with any local business, hours are subject to change to account for holidays, changing seasons, special events, and the like. Be sure to check our Google listing which updates hours regularly or simply give us a call to confirm prior to scheduling your consultation.

Tattoo Shops That Open Early Near YOU

While there may be a shop that is open earlier than another, a lack of location convenience nullifies that benefit. For instance, there’s zero advantage to a tattoo shop in Scarborough that’s open at 8 AM (or is open 24 hours for that matter) if you need one that is located near the downtown core of Toronto. You could lose two or more hours (back and forth) in travel time by visiting a studio that’s inconveniently located. Consider this prior to booking, and instead choose a reputable studio that is near parking or transit (as applicable) and other amenities such as Eaton Centre that will make the rest of your day (after getting tattooed) flow more seamlessly. Enter directions to our tattoo shop from where you will be leaving from to find the easiest route by foot, skateboard, bike, scooter, car, or transit.

Can You Actually Get In for a Tattoo?

As with above (location), having the earliest hours of operation can be rendered pointless if the client has to schedule an appointment too far in advance. Be sure to choose a reputable Toronto tattoo shop that accepts walk-ins. This lets a client (you) know that they (we) can accommodate schedules better than the rest.

Quality Remains the Top Priority

We appreciate your desire to find a tattoo shop that is open early. However, to ensure that you don’t end up needing a coverup for a poorly done tattoo in the future, please make quality your primary qualifier. Follow this guide for how to pick a tattoo shop in Toronto for peace of mind that you’ll get a great tattoo, even when timing is of essence.

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