Tattoo Shops that Cover Self-Harm Scars in Toronto ON

At press (May 7/2024) it’s Mental Health Awareness Week in Canada. There are various initiatives occurring across the Greater Toronto area to celebrate (yes, celebrate) the fact that there is little stigma left when it comes to coming forward about one’s emotional, behavioral, and mental wellbeing. It’s about time, because we all struggle in some manner. While attention to our collective emotional, behavioral, and mental wellbeing is important every day of our lives, MHAW marks an ideal time to discuss one service that we are honored to offer at our downtown Toronto tattoo shop. We work on covering self-harm scars.

As someone searching for tattoo shops that cover self-harm scars, you are ready to move forward with your life. Our expert tattoo artists create amazing works of body art that can effectively “hide” the scars so that you no longer have to contend with the prying (and judging) eyes of others. Moreover, you’ll be able to look down at your body art with a sense of pride and a reminder that you have transitioned to a healthier new era. Schedule your consultation today by calling 416-913-8805 or emailing Feel free to read ahead first for more information.

Why Choose Adrenaline Toronto When Looking for Tattoo Shops that Cover Self-Harm Scars in the GTA

Compassionate and Welcoming Environment

While we don’t want to harp on it being Mental Health Awareness Week in Ontario (at press), it’s important to address because this year’s theme is “Compassion”. That’s exactly what you need when qualifying which tattoo shop is best suited to do cover-up for your scars. Furthermore, while self-harm certainly occurs for both genders, research shows that young women are more afflicted with stressors that cause self-harm, and are more likely to have participated. In fact, 20% of women have self-harmed. There’s comfort to be found in knowing that you’re not alone, and comfort in knowing that Adrenaline Toronto is known as the most female friendly tattoo shop in Toronto. From the reception counter to the tattoo artist next to your chair, our staff is compassionate, friendly, welcoming, and professional.

Cover-Up Experts

Any “tattooist” can tattoo on a blank canvas. However, cover-up work is a specialized discipline that requires years of experience in covering up complicated (large, dark toned, etc.) pieces. Of course, scarring is another complication that many tattooists are not experienced enough to handle. Adrenaline, however, is the best tattoo cover up shop in Toronto. While a tattoo doesn’t “remove” elevated self-harm scars, the right design and shading can make them undetectable to the naked eye. If the scars are particularly elevated, your talented tattooist can work a design in to seem as if scarification is a part of the work of body art + modification. You tell us what you want during your FREE consultation and we’ll make it happen.

We Work on All Skin Types

Our expert tattoo artists are trained to work on all skin types, whether overly sensitive, freckled, or more. This includes beautiful black skin which is more prone to keloids (elevated scarring on the skin).

Your search for Toronto tattoo shops that cover self-harm scars ends here. The next step is to schedule your FREE consultation at Adrenaline.


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