Whether the work was shoddy or your tastes have changed, you have a tattoo that you are not happy with. More importantly. you’re ready to do something about it, but are left to ponder the tattoo cover up vs removal debate. While the right type of tattoo removal (premium laser technology) can indeed work wonders, we’re going to focus on the benefits of a cover up over premium laser removal. Below is a simple yet true accounting of why you should consider a coverup.

Why a Tattoo Cover-Up May be a Preferred Method (compared to laser removal) for Dealing with an Unwanted Tattoo

More Cost Efficient

While modern laser technologies are very effective in removing an unwanted tattoo, it can be an expensive process for those with medium to large works of body art. An outright coverup is often significantly cheaper in comparison.

Instant Results

Premium laser technologies often require more than one session. These sessions are spread out over many weeks or sometimes months, especially for medium to large tattoos. Consequently, you won’t be rid of the unwanted tattoo for quite some time. This is a bummer for those who have grown tired of looking in the mirror. A coverup meanwhile, is typically completed in one session.

You Still Have a Tattoo

It’s not that you don’t want a tattoo, it’s just that you don’t want the tattoo you currently have. Unfortunately (for you) modern laser tattoo removal does exactly what it professes that it does – removes the tattoo. Your canvas will be restored to its naked form. Furthermore, you will have to allow for adequate healing time (contingent upon the size of the original tattoo) which means that you may have to live without a work-of-body-art for many more months. That’s unacceptable! With a cover up, you get to “keep” your tattoo, and enjoy a brand new design that you actually want this time. It’s a win-win.

Remember, cover up tattooing is a special skill that cannot be entrusted to just any tattooist. You must be careful in selecting a shop and artists that specializes in the coverups. Otherwise, you may compound the issue of an unwanted tattoo more than before.

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