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You’ve heard about “get what you get tattoos”, or GWYGT, and are considering this option for your upcoming work of body art. For the initiated, a GWYGT is a tattoo that is randomly selected for you, then applied by a tattoo artist. And yes, it’s permanent like any other tattoo. The most popular methods for choosing the design are through games or vessels that have been pre-loaded with artistic renderings. Games are like Plinko (from The Price is Right) while vessels are typically repurposed gumball machines.

Motivations for getting a GWYGT vary. Some people simply can’t decide upon what they want and have grown tired of procrastinating because of it. Others love the idea of letting fate decide. Others have a large collection of tattoos, have become jaded, and see this an as option to get excited about a new addition. Others do it because it’s trendy. Whatever the case may be, you’ve decided that you want one and have entered “Get What You Get Tattoo Toronto” into your online search browser. Below is a breakdown of why Toronto residents (and visitors) should choose Adrenaline for a GWYGT, along with a few other key considerations.

Where to Get a Get-What-You-Get-Tattoo in Toronto and What to Consider Before You Do

Why Choose Adrenaline Toronto for Your Get What You Get Tattoo

Insightful Staff

While we appreciate your penchant for letting the “tattoo gods” decide upon your design, we also want to ensure that you don’t end up with tattoo regret. Effective tattoo removal ain’t cheap. This is why we don’t have a GWYGT gumball machine or Plinko-styled game in our downtown Toronto studio. Instead, our staff will have a brief consultation with you to gauge general interests and personality type, and will quickly come up with an option that you’re not only far less likely to regret, but one that you’ll probably be stoked about! They won’t even tell you what it is, as they apply it to your skin (feel free to look when you want to). With years upon years of experience in tattooing and working with clients from all walks of life, our staff has gained insight into the human psyche that few other parlors can match. That being said, if you do want a completely arbitrary tattoo, we will use online random tattoo generator to deliver the goods. Alternatively, we can take one of our in-studio flash books and quickly flip through as you slot your finger in (eyes closed) to select a page and design.

Specialized Tattooists

Adrenaline Toronto has handpicked artists from around the country and continent to work at our Queen Street West studio. We have done this to ensure that we have tattooists that specialize in all styles of tattooing. This is important because while you may want a get-what-you-get-tattoo, you may want to at least choose the style of tattooing. We have tattooists that specialize in Old School / American Traditional (most common style for GWYGT) and Japanese style to Dotwork and Realism (least common style for GWYGT) and so much more. View our tattoo artist portfolios to select who you want to work on your GWYGT.

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