Craigslist Tattoo Toronto

While there’s certainly no shortage of professional tattoo shops in Toronto, you’re considering the “unregulated” market to find a tattoo artist. Why? There’s a perception (more on this below) that it’s much cheaper to work directly with an artist who you find alone online, instead of a studio that gets a percentage of the rate, which logically increases the initial cost. You may also assume that you can get in quicker to see a Craigslist tattoo artist in a city as busy as Toronto, although the latter assumption is quickly squashed when you find that there are walk-in and same day tattoo shops near you. Whatever your reasoning may be, we want you to know that finding a tattoo artist on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or other online classified resource is risky business. Read ahead for more insight.

Why Avoid Looking for a Tattoo Artist on Craigslist and Other Unregulated Marketplaces  

Health & Safety Concerns

The City of Toronto has Infection Prevention and Control mandates in place for tattoo and piercing studios and related businesses. Toronto Public Health inspects all known tattoo studios annually, ensuring that they are taking the right steps to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. You don’t need us to tell you how important such a thing is in light of recent years. Meanwhile, a tattoo artist that you find on Craigslist (and the like) who works from their home studio or other unregulated workspace. The health and safety concerns far outweigh anything you might save in money or convenience.

One Tattooist vs the Right Specialist for You

Another problem with finding a tattooist on the unregulated market, is that you only get who you find. While they may have an expansive portfolio that they can show you online, they won’t have the same depth or diversity of design and style as a tattoo shop that is staffed with specialists (in American Traditional, Blackwork, Illustrative, Japanese, Realism, etc.), one of which is the perfect match for YOU.

More Costly in the Long Run

Again, the primary reason most people would even consider the unregulated market to find a tattoo artist, is the perception that they would save money. However, when you consider the high risk of a botched, unprofessional, and/or poorly designed tattoo from an artist who is not beholden to a studio, nor you, you will likely end up paying more for a future tattoo cover-up or outright laser removal. Save yourself in the long run by doing it right the first time by going to one of the top rated tattoo shops in Toronto.

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