Black and Grey Back Tattoo in Toronto ON

There is nothing like a large black and grey back tattoo to convey a sense of confidence, power, and commitment to one’s resolve. When the top comes off it tells onlookers what you’re all about, although that can backfire it the mural on the rear of your torso is so-so in the quality department. Consequently, you need to know that you’re calling, emailing, or walking into a tattoo shop that has the best black and grey back tattoo artists in the city. If you’re located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) there is one place that will deliver on this work of body art unlike any other – Adrenaline. After checking out what we’ve laid out below your search for the right tattooist for the job stops here. Yep, we’re that confident. Please read ahead to see why.

Why Adrenaline is the Best Place to Get a Large Black and Grey Back Tattoo in the GTA

Diversity of Black and Grey Styles

Black & Grey is a style of tattooing, but it is also a style within a style, or vice versa. For instance, while you know that you want a black-and-grey back tattoo, do you know what cooccurring style you want it done in? Do you like the aesthetic presented by American Traditional, Biomechanical, Geometric, Realism, Tribal, Japanese, Chicano, or Illustrative? All of these are the most popular for large mural-type black-and-grey back tattoos. The point, is that our downtown Toronto tattoo shop has selected some of the best artists from each style of tattooing to ensure that the B&G style you connect with most will be employed to apply your large back piece. Have a look at our tattooist profiles (complete with links to their Instagram profiles) and find one that you feel is best suited to your tastes. That being said, there is one tattoo artist that people come from all over the GTA to see for a tattoo of this nature. Please keep reading.

Best B&G Back Mural Specialist in the GTA

In our opinion, along with the hundreds of stoked clients who have recently left reviews, our resident tattooist Christian Yanez is the absolute best for this particular genre. The Peruvian powerhouse of large black-and-grey back tattoos is unrivaled. Simply put, when clients look in the mirror to view Yanez’ recently completed work, their response is typically “Holy sh*t!”.

Have a look at samples of work completed within our downtown Toronto tattoo shop as reference, and to inspire what you may desire for your upcoming piece:

Black and Grey Back Tattoo Toronto ON

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