Portrait tattoos are tattoos done in the Realism style in black-and-white but can also be completed in color. They are generally of a person (or people), are transferred from a photograph, and are typically done to honor them. That being said, individuals get portrait tattoos of their pets and other members of the wild kingdom.

It takes a highly skilled tattooist to pull-off the concept, which is why you’re searching for the best tattoo artist for animal portraits near you in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). You’ve come to the right place. Please read ahead to learn more about why clients come from all over the GTA to get a realistic rendition of their four-legged companion or furry/feathery creature that symbolizes something to them.

Why Choose Adrenaline When Looking for the Best Tattoo Artist for an Animal / Pet Portrait in the Toronto Area

Toronto’s Top Portrait Tattooists

Adrenaline Toronto has carefully built a team of artists to cover the full spectrum of tattoo styles. Given the everlasting popularity of portraits tattoos we have handpicked Realism tattooists that can deliver portraits that look as if they were transferred directly from a photograph to the clients’ skin. Realism experts that we recommend include the following:

Have a look at each of their portfolios to decide which one is best for YOU. After all, “best” is a subjective term when it comes to any type of art. It will ultimately come down to the tattooist you connect to and feel the most comfortable with. Your FREE consultation (see the contacts provided below) will help you determine your best fit.

Examples of Animal Portrait Tattoos to Inspire Yours

We have selected photos from the portfolios of the above recommended tattoo artists that speak to your desire for an animal portrait. Some are black-and-white, some incorporate color, and we even threw in a kitty cat that isn’t quite “realistic BUT conveys the personality of the client’s pet to the tee. It’s important to note that while Realism is typically the style of choice for an animal portrait, this is no steadfast rule. If another style makes the animal’s persona shine through (as you see it) then go for it!

Best Tattoo Artist for Animal Portraits Toronto

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